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Private LTE+


Private LTE (pLTE) puts carrier-class communications technology into the hands of businesses, school districts and other players outside the telecom industry. Through pLTE, these organizations are able to deploy and operate a highly customized cellular network that better serves specialized needs such as distance learning, IoT enablement and secure communications. For all its benefits, however, pLTE can be a self-contained “walled garden” that limits flexibility and productivity. pLTE+ removes these limitations to give organizations the best of both worlds.

By leveraging pLTE+, organizations can retain granular control of roaming and cybersecurity policies even as their users enjoy the freedom of off-network roaming on national carrier platforms. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration and remote work, enhances security and allows organizations of all sizes to tap into a wider ecosystem of devices. Telrad has several cost-effective solutions and carrier partnerships in place that are making pLTE+ a feasible option for a growing number of organizations across multiple industries and verticals.

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