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Private LTE+

Oil and Gas

The extractive industries have unique communications needs. Their front-line operations require a rapid, reliable and secure platform that facilitates dynamic, mission-critical communication between field crew, onsite staff, variety of different sensors, sub-systems and video surveillance. These massive operations in geographically isolated locations then need to be linked back to the headquarters that are typically situated in urban centers. pLTE+ enables enterprise-scale organizations to bridge these two extremes seamlessly. With pLTE+, a cellular network that is optimized for environmental conditions and the available device fleet—such as smartphones and tablets with push-to-talk capabilities—can be deployed in the field. At the same time, offce-based employees could be supported with a discrete hybrid network. When traveling between the office and the field, roaming users would continue to use their company-issued and -managed device on national carrier networks. The possibilities and tighter security that pLTE+ brings to this industry are nothing short of game-changing

Benefits of Private LTE+

Private LTE (pLTE) puts carrier-class communications technology into the hands of public and private enterprises, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other players outside the telecom industry. Through pLTE, these organizations are able to deploy and operate a highly customized cellular network that better serves specialized needs such as distance learning, IoT enablement and secure communications. For all its benefits, however, traditional private LTE can be a self-contained "walled garden" that limits flexibility and productivity. pLTE+ removes these limitations to give organizations the best of both worlds. By leveraging pLTE+, organizations can retain granular control of roaming and cybersecurity policies even as their users enjoy the freedom of off-network connectivity on national carrier platforms. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration and remote work, enhances security and allows organizations of all sizes to tap into a wider ecosystem of devices. Telrad has several cost-effective solutions and carrier partnerships in place that are making pLTE+ a feasible option for a growing number of organizations across multiple industries and verticals

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