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On-site support
on-site technician


Cielo Systems' professional services include supporting Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartments, dormitories, senior living facilities, and condominiums. This can also include hotels, RV parks, and resorts. Cielo Systems has experienced, local staff and technicians that will support your property's wired and wireless networks. 


Our team members believe that IT services should go far beyond fixing broken systems or protecting your software. At Cielo Systems, we strive to provide a cutting-edge IT infrastructure with a personal touch. Call us today to learn more about how our team can help you get the most out of IT and fully support your business goals.

Technical services with Cielo Systems


Here at Cielo Systems, we understand that installing a new network can be difficult and stressful. That is why we have a dedicated, professional deployment team of field technicians to get the project done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need us to install equipment for a new network or manage an existing one, Cielo has the expertise and resources to tackle any size project. 


To put it simply, Cielo will engineer, install, and monitor your Wi-Fi infrastructure. As your Managed Wi-Fi service provider, Cielo will take away the burden of managing your Wi-Fi network and allow you to focus on what matters most: your business. Cielo's technicians will build you a custom system to overcome any network problems you are facing, such as an unreliable network, insufficient bandwidth, or having a congested network due to the number of users. 

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Deployment Services
On-Site Support
Technical Services
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Managed Wifi Services

MDU Services

Cielo Systems works closely with service providers to deliver onsite support to a variety of multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Cielo can help apartment complexes that have high capacity and complex networks with their deployment, maintenance, and support. This includes apartments, dormitories, office buildings, condominiums and senior living facilities. Whether you want to upgrade an old cable network, or instal a new connection to every unit, our on-site technicians will be available to help you!

MDU Services

Ekahau Certified Wireless Solutions

Our team is led by Ekahau Certified Solutions Engineers, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With a deep understanding of wireless network design principles, we ensure that your networks are not only reliable but also optimized for performance. We specialize in seamlessly integrating Ekahau solutions into your existing infrastructure or creating robust networks from the ground up. Additionally, we offer the option to resale Ekahau equipment, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your wireless needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your current setup or embark on a new wireless project, our certified engineers have the skills to make it happen.

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