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Private LTE+


At such a pivotal moment for the healthcare industry around the world, the need for versatile, robust pLTE+ solutions have never been greater or more apparent. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of integrated data capture systems, rapid communication, flexible workforce logistics and secure data sharing. Telrad’s pLTE+ solution others a clear path for hospitals as well as distributed healthcare organizations to support a dynamic team of medical professionals and devices—both in-house and out in the field—while maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and medical data required by legislation like HIPAA. An optimized pLTE+ solution could enable a healthcare organization to not only function more efficiently but also capitalize on the emerging trends of IoT monitoring technology and AI/ML-assisted medical care, which would translate to a superior patient experience and better outcomes.

Benefits of Private LTE+

Private LTE (pLTE) puts carrier-class communications technology into the hands of public and private enterprises, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other players outside the telecom industry. Through pLTE, these organizations are able to deploy and operate a highly customized cellular network that better serves specialized needs such as distance learning, IoT enablement and secure communications. For all its benefits, however, traditional private LTE can be a self-contained "walled garden" that limits flexibility and productivity. pLTE+ removes these limitations to give organizations the best of both worlds. By leveraging pLTE+, organizations can retain granular control of roaming and cybersecurity policies even as their users enjoy the freedom of off-network connectivity on national carrier platforms. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration and remote work, enhances security and allows organizations of all sizes to tap into a wider ecosystem of devices. Telrad has several cost-effective solutions and carrier partnerships in place that are making pLTE+ a feasible option for a growing number of organizations across multiple industries and verticals

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