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Hi-Capacity Aggregation

Hi-Capacity Aggregation

SKU: USW-Pro-Aggregation

USW-Pro-Aggregation is a Fully Managed Layer 3 Switch, with (4) 25G SFP28 Ports and (28) 10G SFP+ Ports.


Featuring a 1.3” touchscreen, it supports high-bandwidth links to provide link aggregation for higher capacity and increased availability. The USW-Pro-Aggregation is managed through the UniFi controller and mobile App, allowing you to easily build, scale and monitor your enterprise networks.



Managed by UniFi Controller version: 6.1.25 or higher

  • (28) 10Gbps SFP+
  • (4) 25Gbps SFP28
  • 760 Gbps switching capacity
  • (1) 1.3” Touchscreen with AR switch management
  • (1) Backup 12V DC input connector, SmartPower RPS
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