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Access Lock Magnetic

Access Lock Magnetic

SKU: UA-Lock-Magnetic-270kg

SKU:  UA-Lock-Magnetic-270kg

Fail-safe magnetic lock for inswing and outswing doors that connects to a UniFi Access Hub (UA Hub).

The Access Lock Magnetic is a fail-safe magnetic lock that connects to a UA Hub so you can unlock outfitted inswing and outswing doors from anywhere. This 12V DC-powered lock holds between 270-540 kg (600-1,200 lb), depending on your selection, and sends real-time access and status details to your UA Hub. This lock can be installed on a wide variety of door types.*


    • 12V DC-powered, fail-safe magnetic lock
    • Connects to a UA Hub to deliver real-time access and status information
    • Holds 270-540 kg (600-1,200 lb) depending on selection
    • *Door compatibility
      • Access Lock Magnetic 270kg: All types including full glass
      • Access Lock Magnetic 540kg: All types excluding full glass
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