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Case Study:

Multi-Dwelling Unit Projects


Located just minutes from Texas Tech University was a cluster of student-living

apartment complexes in need of reliable and efficient internet accessibility for

students to complete their coursework, attend classes virtually, etc. Due in large

part to Cielo's success with Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) projects for over ten

years, the ownership of the apartment complexes contacted us to

upgrade their internet service.


Highlighted below is the work performed at two separate properties requiring

network solutions. Like all jobs, this deployment began with a Scope of Work



The Challenge

This particular SOW presented the technicians with a retrofit installation in which the technicians had to furnish new equipment and/or modify existing equipment with core equipment and new wireless access points for residential and common areas. All these installations were to be done with minimal damage inflicted on the walls and ceilings.


The two properties had a combined 20 buildings, 33 intermediate distribution frames, and 1,816 beds. Residents there averaged five devices in their units at all times. This totaled over 9,000 devices between these two MDUs; however, that number did not include staff and their devices. As a result, stable and reliable internet service was a necessity.


                                                                                     The Installation

                                                                                     Because all projects have their own unknown challenges, Cielo Systems takes on                                                                                         every project with an open mind and a willingness to learn. As the installations at                                                                                       these two MDUs progresses, Cielo's technicians did their best to inflict as little                                                                                           damage to the property as possible while they performed the updates and                                                                                                      modifications to the equipment. Although damage to walls and ceilings is                                                                                                    unavoidable in an equipment retrofit, Cielo's technicians used every means                                                                                                  possible to make for less repair work on the cosmetic end after they finished the                                                                                          installations.


                                                                                     The Results

                                                                                     Cielo Systems' overall goal with any project is reliability, optimal efficiency as well as total customer satisfaction. On this project, we were given four days to complete the work. Much to our satisfaction - as well as the customer's - we were able to complete the project in two and a half days. We hang out hats on this level of efficiency. A retrofit in a multi-dwelling environment might seem like a daunting challenge, but our teamwork, attention to detail, and thorough planning enabled us to complete the project in a timely manner. Not only are our customers satisfied with the results, but we feel our company's contribution to the education of nearly 2,000 Texas Tech students is priceless. The quality and efficiency of our work is first illustrated by laying the groundwork. Planning is a big part of success, but being able to think fast and being fluid when boots are on the ground is vital to meeting deadlines.

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