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Access Point WiFi U6 Extender

Access Point WiFi U6 Extender

SKU: U6-Extender

Easy-to-deploy WiFi 6 coverage extender that fits standard US duplex outlets.

The Access Point WiFi 6 Extender (U6-Extender-US) is a portable, easy-to-deploy WiFi 6 access point that can instantly broaden your home or office's wireless coverage. With its dual-band design and 5.3+ Gbps aggregate throughput rate, the U6 Extender delivers the strong, reliable connectivity needed to support even the most device-dense networks. Engineered for plug-and-play simplicity, this access point fits any standard US duplex wall outlet and its compact frame allows you to strengthen your signal without cluttering your space or disrupting its aesthetic. The U6 Extender can be adopted to your network in a matter of minutes and centrally managed with either the UniFi Network web application or mobile app.

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