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airFiber 60 HD

airFiber 60 HD


Multi-gigabit, 60 GHz bridge with SFP+ support and a 2 km link range.

The airFiber 60 HD (AF60 HD) is a 60 GHz radio designed to create superior mid-range, point-to-point (PtP) links up to 2 km. The AF60 HD delivers low-interference, low-latency throughput within the 60 GHz spectrum. Compact and highly durable, the AF60 HD also features integrated GPS and a Bluetooth management radio to simplify setup, configuration, and monitoring. This bridge is ideal for ISPs looking to maximize signal linking with cost-effective equipment.


Note:  Price shown is for a single unit. airFiber is normally purchased in pairs to form a single link.

    • Low-interference 60 GHz spectrum
    • Up to a 2 km link range
    • Supports channel bonding to achieve up to a 6 Gbps throughput rate
    • (1) 10G SFP+ port
    • Terragraph-certified
    • Integrated GPS
    • Link planning support via ISP Design Center
    • Simple, Bluetooth-powered setup with the UISP™ Mobile app
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